Saturday, May 2, 2009


I know nothing about soccer except they run around a lot.  The men usually have nice calves.  And they sometimes take their shirts off when they score (oh, I SO want to say something else with that!!)  My niece is playing soccer and pretty much knows as much as I do about the game at this point.  She runs half-heartedly after the ball (after her dad yells "follow the ball Claire!!").  She will look around at people.  Pretty much act like a disinterested 8 year old playing soccer.  The fun part about today: my brother is coaching them.  I think he knows less than the girls about it.  But the regular coach is out of town and asked D to take over.  D told me he hopes the ref is helpful.

New for me?  Went out last weekend and had a good time (did I write this already??)  I had a cute young guy talk to me.  I felt slightly dirty talking to him, but it was fun.  There was another guy who was 26 (it was his birthday and he showed me his id) who was talking to me - but I think to get at my friend.  I didn't feel dirty talking to him - just OLD. But it was fun.  Karma proved she has a sense of humor, as the 1st guy I met from was there. He stood behind us most of the night but neither one of us acknowledged the other.  The stupid thing? He looked WAY better to me that night than the first night we met.  I am so shallow.  But I sent him a text this week and I think we may go out again.

And to prove karma keeps track - I lost $60 that night. It literally fell out of my purse (along with my id).  Ugghh. Oh well.  Listen closely and you will here Justin Timberlake's song "what goes around".

Here is one to make you go hmmmm.  The youngun? You remember him?  Well, we are really good friends. We talked about it and decided that we shouldn't have gone down the romantic path.  I told him that he was pretty much a crutch - if I had him, I didn't need to put myself out there.  And he...well, he didn't really say anything.  But whatever. We hang out a lot, he calls me a lot.  I would say he is one of my best friends now. I tell him all the crap going on and he listens.  He is still a conservative schmuck, but I have fun with him.  Well. Last night I take the movie The Wrestler (good movie) over to his house.  He had met people for drinks after work.  I was supposed to go but was pissed off at the dermatologist who told me I needed botox, filler and a laser resurfacing (more later).  I didn't want to inflict my mood on others, so I didn't go.  

Got to the youngun's house - he was in a very...playful?... was kinda weird as the youngun always acts older than I do.  He makes popcorn and we get set up on the couch.  He sits down next to me and covers us up with the blanket.  I tell you, a credit card could not have fit between our bodies because he was so close.  And I was there first - he was the one who got so cozy.  He then tries to put moves on me.  WHAT??!!??  I am like, no...nothing is happening.  Well, he wants to lay down to watch the movie now.  I am rolling my eyes, telling him to concentrate on the movie, all the while keeping track of where his hands are. It was crazy.  I tell him nothing is going to happen and he honestly asks "why?".  Um, well, let's see.  We are not dating. We are not in a "relationship".  And I don't do "that" unless certain criteria are met.  And none were.  He then tries to almost wheedle his way in.  I tell him "no - we went down that path and it didn't work" then "we are just crutches to each other and can't do this" then "good lord, just stop it!"  

Can you believe it?  I was completely taken off guard.  I love the relationship I have with him....the friend relationship.  I am hoping he was just loopy with alcohol and things are not weird today. 

I will have to tell the dermatologist story another time - I need to leave for the soccer game. :)

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