Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is being picky a negative?

I have had a few "meets" with the online guys.  I am not interested in any of them.  I know I am closer to 40 than 30. I know I am not a "10" (maybe a solid 7, though ) but sheesh.  Is it wrong for me to need to be physically attracted to the guy?

The first guy was fine. Nothing overtly wrong with him.  The next guy was pasty, puffy and...slightly desperate.  He sent me an email just gushing about me.  I am great, I know this, but talking about my "radiant beauty"??? Really?  One guy was just old looking.  And if the guy has bigger boobs than I do?  Well, that just can't be a plus for my psyche.

Here is the great mystery of online dating.  Why post a picture from 10 years/30 pounds ago?  Like I am not going to notice there is a difference?  Really?  False advertising is illegal in the real world, people (isn't it?).  And when the guy is dumb enough to post a picture with a DATE on it.  No, I don't mean a female date, I mean a calendar date.  When I see a picture from 2005, I know to just keep on moving...cuz if he has to go back 4 years to find a decent picture, well enough said.

And isn't it horrible that I am even focusing on this?  But I can't help it.  If I can't find one thing that would make me want to hold his hand, then why bother?  Who would have thought the youngun and  J would mess me up for other men?  But, let me tell you, if I could just build a physical being based on those guys, I would be one happy happy girl.  I think I am going to go younger.  Obviously, I am not having luck finding guys my age.  I will go back to the cougar route.

I did call my beloved Dr. Hottie though. I left a message with his nurse to tell her that if his friend was still available, then I would be willing to be set up.  And I couldn't just casually say it -- I rambled and stuttered and generally made myself seem pretty damn stupid.  But at least I put it out there.  Oh well.  And odd - but the nurse just called me.  She is going to a party at Dr. Hottie's house tonight and is going to check things out.  Funny.

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