Saturday, April 25, 2009

Is being picky a negative?

I have had a few "meets" with the online guys.  I am not interested in any of them.  I know I am closer to 40 than 30. I know I am not a "10" (maybe a solid 7, though ) but sheesh.  Is it wrong for me to need to be physically attracted to the guy?

The first guy was fine. Nothing overtly wrong with him.  The next guy was pasty, puffy and...slightly desperate.  He sent me an email just gushing about me.  I am great, I know this, but talking about my "radiant beauty"??? Really?  One guy was just old looking.  And if the guy has bigger boobs than I do?  Well, that just can't be a plus for my psyche.

Here is the great mystery of online dating.  Why post a picture from 10 years/30 pounds ago?  Like I am not going to notice there is a difference?  Really?  False advertising is illegal in the real world, people (isn't it?).  And when the guy is dumb enough to post a picture with a DATE on it.  No, I don't mean a female date, I mean a calendar date.  When I see a picture from 2005, I know to just keep on moving...cuz if he has to go back 4 years to find a decent picture, well enough said.

And isn't it horrible that I am even focusing on this?  But I can't help it.  If I can't find one thing that would make me want to hold his hand, then why bother?  Who would have thought the youngun and  J would mess me up for other men?  But, let me tell you, if I could just build a physical being based on those guys, I would be one happy happy girl.  I think I am going to go younger.  Obviously, I am not having luck finding guys my age.  I will go back to the cougar route.

I did call my beloved Dr. Hottie though. I left a message with his nurse to tell her that if his friend was still available, then I would be willing to be set up.  And I couldn't just casually say it -- I rambled and stuttered and generally made myself seem pretty damn stupid.  But at least I put it out there.  Oh well.  And odd - but the nurse just called me.  She is going to a party at Dr. Hottie's house tonight and is going to check things out.  Funny.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This and That

Today is Easter.  Went to church with the fam.  The pastor is very nice, but I think he can get a bit too fire and brimstone-y for me.  Oh well.  My brother and his wife came home yesterday...we hung out and the parents and played Wii then went up to a bar in MV.  We should have just stayed at the P's.  We have so much fun just hanging out.  Even before Ben & Claire came along, we always enjoyed each others company.  We can sit around and just have fun.

I can't even think of one particular thing that happened that was so just was.  It is usually after these times that I realize just how lucky I am.  The pastor, during his sermon, asked what the number one thing in our life was -- what was the foundation, the cornerstone, we built our life around.  Well, he wanted us to say Jesus.  But my immediate response was "family".  My family has shaped/molded/tormented me into the person I am today...good and bad.  And I am so very blessed.  Mom and I were talking later today and I told her that I didn't put Jesus first...I put family.  I was expecting a bit of a disappointed look or maybe just a sigh.  But she turned to me with a gleam in her eye and said "me too".  It was cute.

I feel badly for Mom today.  She has two cats, Max and Leo.  Max (aka Maxwell P Smart) was a rescue from the farm.  A big, beautiful gray tuxedo cat with a sweet, sweet personality....until my Murray came around and then Max was a bad ASS.  He tormented my Murray something fierce.  But I didn't hold it against Max cuz he was just such a chicken any other time.  Poor Max passed away this weekend.  Mom had made a comment last week that Max had lost weight. I asked if she was going to take him to the vet and she wasn't sure.  Yesterday morning, Mom said Max was pretty much incapacitated.  He was just laying by his water dish, breathing fast and shallow.  She was pretty upset...lots of crying.  Last night, at my parents, I went down and sat with Max for a bit.  I was petting him, saying what a good boy he was.  He would lift his head and look at me a bit blindly...his eyes just didn't seem to connect.  It was sooo sad.  He was gone this morning.  Mom called the vet yesterday to get him in and they said no.  Can you believe it? They said they were just too full.  It made me so mad.  This is the only vet in town...I will never take my Murray there. I don't care if Murray has to ride in a car 40 minutes...he will never see this vet.

Oh! I had a "date" Thursday night.  He was fine.  I would go again, but I just don't see much future.  And boring guy (aka carhart guy) found me online.  Seriously.  That makes 4 guys I know that have found me that I didn't WANT to find me.  I think it is a sign.  Stupid J - even after all the drama I still miss him.  Or that fabulous 8% body fat body.  

There are a few guys I am probably going to meet up with.  But not the 58 year old guys.  I mean, really. 58?  If I could guarantee he was Mr. Richie Rich and I would be his pampered trophy wife who wanted for nothing (and I got to have a kid), I would say "sign me up now!!".  But wait -- 58 is a 20 year difference.  Can't I find a Mr. Richie Rich who is only 42?  Because that would be ideal....except for the fact that HIS ideal trophy wife would most likely be in her 20's.  Hmmm.  I think I am going to need to think this through more thoroughly.

Stay tuned.  I have decided to create a "things to do before I am 40" list and a "suck-it" list (things I don't see the point in).  I am sure they will both be fabulous.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So I decided to jump back into the dating world.  Enlisted all my friends to think about any possible singles for me and joined an online dating service.  Good lord - it was like they all smelled fresh meat.  I have received a fair number of emails this first weekend.  I can't even answer them all because as soon as I get some sent out, new ones come in.  Good problem to have, I guess, but most don't seem too promising.

The main reason they aren't promising?  Age.  These guys are old!  Granted, I am in my late 30's, but still.  I look like I could pass for early 30's, but most of these look like they have lived a hard life!!  I don't care about hair/bald or even physique...a bit of chub doesn't bother me.  But their faces!  Saggy, wrinkly and old!!! Maybe they don't take the best pictures...god knows, I don't.  But couldn't they find some that don't look like mug shots?  And then there are the ones who obviously throw some ANCIENT pictures on there.  Trying to be sneaky?  Trying to show they used to be better looking than what they are??  I don't know, but that is annoying.  

But there was one guy who used secret-agent techniques to send me his photos.  He set up a gmail account, emailed his pictures to that and then emailed me the login and password.  Can you hear the song 'secret agent man, secret agent man' playing??? I could.  He was fine - but he included a picture of himself in front of a hummer.  Really??  And made sure to subtly say he saw "patients"...ok - you're a doctor.  Big whoop.  Oh well - we will play this out and see how it goes.  But these guys are forward! One asked me out for last night and others asked if I wanted to go to the Iowa or Iowa State or Nebraska spring football games. Really.

On to other topics.  Did I tell you Murray needs to have meds each day?  It is a topical solution I need to put in his ears.  And it is bad for humans, because I have a little finger condom I need to put on in order to give it.  It looks like a little Howard the Duck condom, if you recall that very old, very obscure movie.  I think I was a freshman when I saw that. Yikes.

What else?  My beloved Dr. Hottie said he wrestled with setting me up with one of his friends, but he didn't know how ethical it was.  At the time, I was seeing J, so I said no.  Now, I wish I had said yes.  I need to get a mamagram (sp?) sometime in the next year and they gave me literature on it, but I forgot it.  I think that could be my in -- I will call and talk to the nurse who works with Dr. Hottie and let her know I am up for it.  But wouldn't it be kinda weird for the guy?  Having your best friend already intimately acquainted with the girl's "parts"?  Or maybe that is just me....

Off to clean the house and respond to the emails.  I guess, at least I have lots.  How would my self-esteem be if I had none??

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yikes!  I haven't updated in ages!!  Let's see - parted ways with the guy from NYE.  Long story - with a surprising amount of drama.  How can one normal, low maintenance girl fall into crap like that?  Oh well.  

The good news is that I was able to open myself up to someone and put myself out there.  I haven't done that since my divorce.  I think I am ready to do it again...just with someone who isn't so concerned about their body that they don't leave their house without their bodybug on (a calorie counter...I mean, really.  Why didn't I realize that was an indicator of something???).  Although, guys my age look old.  How did that happen?  

What else is new?  Work is crazy.  Family is great.  Great.

I will try to update a bit more regularly...did I mention I got on twitter? I don't understand it at all.