Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nothing New

I have nothing new to talk about.  I have been getting my blood drawn weekly, waiting for my pregnancy hormones to decrease to under 5.  The Thursday I found out, my level was at 104. The very next day it dropped to 60.  The next week it was 34 and finally 14 this last week.  I have to wait for the levels to be under 5 to even get my period....and there is no set time for that to happen.  I just have to wait now.  Once I start my next cycle, I will have another ultrasound to see what the cysts are doing and we go from there.

It is definitely frustrating, but there is nothing else to do but wait.  

For a change of subject, I have my first "meet" with a guy I met online tomorrow night.  I am a bit ambivalent. On one hand I do want to date someone, on the other, how fair is it?  I mean, I am trying to get pregnant with some stranger's baby.  I can't imagine that is the best way to start off.  Ah well.  I will most likely get a horrible story to share, so how bad can that be.