Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Kill

I had my first kill of the season.  Snakes suck.  They would top my suck it list (yes, I am still coming up with one).  I believe my house was built on a colony - no THE main colony in North O - of snakes.  I have a shitload. And I hate them.  The way they slither and startle. It just sucks.  I try to kill any I see. There was a zoologist (or someone) on the news and they said snakes are good - they keep bugs or mice or something away.  Baloney.  I don't just "live and let live". I hunt them down when I see them slithering away and kill them with the mower, with a spade, with a shovel, anything.  I then will either wrap them in bags and throw them in the garbage or leave their rotting carcass out so the smell of death will keep his family away.  The whole "scent of death" doesn't work, but I can hope, right?  Ugh.  The very first nightmare I can remember is being in a room full of snakes.  One clear memory I have from when I was really little is being in the field next to our old house, walking through the grass towards the horses and seeing the grass swaying steadily.  Snake - a big one.  I ran screaming.

Snake is a one-word advertisement for townhomes. At least I wouldn't have to mow and find them.  Oh well.  Karma is a bitch, right?

Claire had 2 soccer games this weekend.  She is too cute.  And Ben is a doll. I got some really good pics of them both.

Now on to a new week and a new slew of potential matches.

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