Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Attempt

I have been shooting up for the past week and a half getting ready for another attempt.  I had an ultrasound today and the nurse said I have just a ton of eggs to be released....she actually called me the Easter Bunny because I have just a crap load.  I told the nurse my problem is not producing eggs...it is getting them to dance with the boys.  When they do dance, they tend to break up rather quickly. 

Nothing else new - I have gotten rid of one of my bad dates.  Boring guy is still around. I am just a horrible person, but I am having a hard time cutting him loose.  Even though I am not interested in him that much, it is just nice to have a straight guy to do something with.  I need to figure out a way to let him know that I am not interested but would like to hang out as friends.  Good luck to me. :)

I give myself the shot to stimulate ovulation tonight and will go in Thursday for the IUI.  From there, I will use progesterone again and go from there.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I have mentioned in some previous posts how I was trying out dating again.  Well, I have tried it enough to send me scurrying happily back to my single state.  I have met two very nice men on-line.  I have always named my dates...old guy, little man, fish lips and my personal favorite "rat bastard".   Granted, the names are not super unique....merely descriptive.

The two I have dated so far are boring guy and sicko.  Boring guy is pretty self-explanatory.  He is a very nice man,  just deadly dull.  We have gone out 4 times and each time I just dread it.  2 of the four "dates" have involved pretty heavy amounts of alcohol.  And honestly, if someone is boring with alcohol, what hope is there?  We had a date last night (the final date) that I planned. We went ice skating and saw a movie.  I wanted something that didn't focus on a whole lot of conversation.  I actually had fun skating - even though I constantly wished I was there with my friends.  The movie was ok.  Then the horror happened.  He conveniently "left" his phone in my car and we walked to it after the movie.  Then he asked for a ride to his car on the other side of the parking lot.  Uh oh.  As I practically clung to my door, he sat there in the passenger seat attempting to make small talk.  I had the car in drive, my hand on the steering wheel and cheek almost resting against the driver's window.  I mean really, my body language practically screamed "get out now!".  But I could see him working up the courage to make a move.  Damn.  He leans in with his lips all squished together and plants one on me.  Ugh.  He practically drilled my head through the head rest.  It was horrible.  I don't know how he could have read anything in my body language that said "come hither".  

He said something about seeing me this week, I mumbled good bye and sped off.  I feel badly - he is a truly nice man.  I gave him 4 dates to see if there was any sort of connection - which would be 3 more than I should have.  I am thankful to have my ace card to get rid of him. One word: pregnant.  I am going to tell him that I am trying to get pregnant and hope like hell he runs for the hills....unless I chicken out and just avoid all phone calls and emails...which is what I will most likely do.

The other guy is sicko - and no, not for the reason you may think.  He was super sick on our first date.  But he is tall - 6'5" - and that is my weakness.  Just like money can make up for a boring personality, height can do that as well.  I have fun with this one, but I just can't imagine kissing him.  He wore a black leather blazer/coat for one thing.  You know, the ones that went out of style in the mid 90's.  He really can't dress. And yes, I know that can be fixed, but do I honestly have the energy?  I don't think I do.   He is fun, but I don't know that I am really attracted to him.

I should start my cycle tomorrow or Tuesday and the shots soon after.  I am very hopeful that I will get pregnant in March.  Even if I was fantastically attracted to sicko, I would not stop my baby quest.  

I have learned one very important sign though.  If a man is well dressed, he is either married, taken or gay.  The straight singletons really seem to not have a clue.