Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Dates

I have a date with a slight stranger tomorrow night. Turns out, he is the ex-roomie of a guy I work with.  I even ended up at a Killers concert with him.  I went with T and met up with the guy I work with and his old roomie.  I vaguely remember jumping up & down and singing Mr. Brightsides with the guy.  It should be interesting.

I have another date on Saturday. With a 47 year old. He asked me to go see Wicked.  Evidently, he is new to town and bought two tickets without having a date. He must not have been able to find one, as he asked me to go.  Who knows.

There are 3 more guys I am emailing with. 38, 33 and 30.  Oh and a little cutie from DSM(!!).  He is 5'8"...ummm hello! does not meet my height factor. But oh well.  We shall see.  Ooops, there is another date next week with some 44 year old.  I have been emailing this one for about 4 weeks....which is about 3 weeks longer than I like to email.  I would much rather just meet up and see.  If there is no physical chemistry, then there is really no point in emailing (at least in my mind).  

What else?? Nothing, really.  Things with the youngun seem fine. He left for the east coast this weekend and has been out.  But he has called me almost every day, and after a bad day on Sunday, things seem to be ok.  But I also didn't tell him I am going out Thursday night (or Saturday).  That might be better mentioned in passing in person.  A friend said that one of the guys reminds her of the youngun in appearance....which shocked me as I didn't see it until then.

My cute little Kris is safe on Idol....yay!! 

I have been thinking that I am going into these "dates" with a slightly defeatist attitude.  I truly don't have a whole bunch of hope about them.  Of course, only 1 was physically my type.  The others, while very nice, were not really my speed.  But I am going to change that.  I don't want my hopes too high, lest they be brutally dashed. I mean, come on. How many of these photos are actually recent?  And not that I need a hottie, but I want to be attracted to him/them.  Here is what I will do. I will reserve hope until I see them. If they are not completely unattractive to me, I will keep a positive and open attitude.  My whole "positivity rocks!" attitude has been missing (stupid J ripped that away) but I am going to try and bring it back around.

I did tell my SIL that when I am in DSM for the Coldplay concert, she needs to set something up so I can see J. I want to be toned, tan and fabulous to have him go "damn - why did I let that go??"  :)

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