Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I forgot I had a Claire story from this weekend.  Saturday was her last soccer game. My brother and SIL decided to surprise Claire by coming back early and watching her game.  Claire was beyond thrilled. I couldn't make it, as my good friend's son had a graduation party.

Claire's soccer team is not good.  They tied one game, which was the best all season.  Usually they get creamed.  The good thing about their games is that there is no scoreboard...So, I will repeat the story as told by my brother.  The other team has a girl who comes up to Claire's shoulder.  Tiny little thing that was fast, fast, fast.  She could dribble (or kick, whatever) the ball all the way down the field faster than any of the other girls could run without the ball.  Well, in between quarters, Claire's dad told her he would give her $10 if she pushed the fast girl down. Claire said "make it $20".  Then, for the rest of the game Claire was up in the fast one's grill.  Claire was elbow to elbow, bumping for all she was worth.  Claire never pushed her down, but she was interfering all she could.  The fast girl was getting pretty frustrated. Oh well. 

Claire was pretty thrilled with the game - with B&T watching, her "enforcer" duties, all and all it was a good day for Claire.

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